Blockchain and Ai: Mise, 45 million incentives from September

For companies and research centres. Giorgetti, competitiveness challenge. Blockchain and artificial intelligence: applications for incentives for companies and research centres start in September. It is 45 million euros from the Fund set up at the Ministry of Development. “The challenge of competitiveness requires”, says Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti, “a constant ability to innovate”. The Mise published the decree, which sets out the procedures and deadlines for submitting applications to request funding from the Fund for the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things technologies and applications.

Daniele Marinelli: there’s no only the Facebook Metaverse

What is Meta? And what is the Metaverse on Facebook? Facebook, as previously said, will not alter its name. Oculus, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook will all have the same identity and will appear as Oculus, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook. The international parent business of these realities, Meta Platforms Inc., was created on October 28, 2021. The metaverse, a shared, three-dimensional virtual environment in which individuals may interact with an avatar, is the primary goal of this shift, according to the business statement. People should be able to engage with their communities and expand their enterprises as a result of this.

What does the name META mean?

The rebranding process resulted in a new logo that recalls the infinity sign. But it’s also a moniker that piques the interest of science fiction and sci-fi aficionados. In fact, Meta stands for Metaverse. That is, the metaverse, which was first introduced in Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk novel Snow Crash in 1992. It was a predecessor of Second Life: a virtual environment in which we could move around with a three-dimensional figure that represented us: an avatar (see Daniele Marinelli bitcoin here)

Is the Facebook Metaverse the only one we’ll engage in the future? Do You know Daniele Marinelli’s Umetaverse? Read Daniele Marinelli interview here

The first degree in the Metaverse: Edoardo Di Pietro discusses his thesis with an avatar

Famous italian people like Daniele Marinelli are developing new metaverse concepts. And young guys like Edoardo Di Pietro, 25, from Colle Val d’Elsa (Siena) was the first student in the world to graduate in the virtual reality of the Metaverse.

Enrolled at the Einaudi Campus in Turin, he discussed his master’s thesis for the Communication, ICT and Media course, obtaining a grade of 109 out of 110. Not a random choice, determined by his passion for technology. There were 43 avatars present in the virtual stands, including friends, relatives, his girlfriend, connected from Japan, and lecturer Michele Cornetto.

The lecturer: “It’s not an apologia”

Wearing a blue suit and in a casual version in the Metaverse, recent graduate Di Pietro discussed for about twenty minute his thesis entitled Tra presente e futuro: l’impatto del Metaverso sulla società. Analisi e applicazioni del caso Tembo su Minecraft.

Edoardo Di Pietro, who will also be celebrating his graduation in the Metaverse, explained that he chose this course of study because of his passion for innovation and decided to discuss his thesis not only live but also through his avatar for the people close to him who could not be there due to the anti-Covid restrictions.

The Italian student expressed his satisfaction with how the discussion of his thesis, the first ever in the Metaverse, went, and the lecturer who supervised him also had a great time.

For the lecturer, the first degree in the Metaverse was a moment of absolute experimentation, but he also specified that it was not an apologia of the Metaverse.

It was, on the contrary, a funny way to discuss the thesis in presence and at the same time give those who wanted to enjoy it from the outside the opportunity to enter this environment.

From the business to the academic world: the possible applications of the Metaverse

The idea was born about a year and a half ago. An initial experiment developed on Minecraft for the end-of-the-year Christmas party to get around Covid.

Since then, professor Cornetto, Edoardo Di Pietro‘s thesis lecturer, has started to think about proposing this topic to students who asked him for thesis projects.

Edoardo’s was going in that direction: a first, exploratory step to understand what and how many prospects there will be for the future.

A technology that for now has found application in the world of entertainment, precisely because it is capable of spectacular performances, but for Cornetto the Metaverse offers many other possibilities.

A process to look at with curiosity but also with responsibility.

For example, care will also have to be taken to avoid a kind of estrangement from reality.

There will also be a great responsibility for operators in the sector over the next few years, and great awareness will be needed in the use of these tools.